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"I had a good experience with dynamic physical therapy . Staff were very professional "
May 24, 2018
"The job that they did for me was excellent. The staff were very good. I was so lucky to work with them. If I can I suggest anyone to come here."
Mar 06, 2018


Over a year ago I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. The last six months before I sought help, the pain was agonizing, sharp, aching, nauseating and disabling. I could not work, stand, sit, lift, bend, climb stairs, or lay in my bed without severe pain. After a course of physical therapy at Dynamic Physical Therapy Services, I can walk, stand, sit, bend, lift, climb stairs, rest comfortably in bed and function in all physical capacities like I used to, even run up to a 1/2 mile! My feet are stronger and in more stable condition then ever before. I am grateful for the dedicated and knowledgeable physical therapists that gave me 100% of their expertise at each and every appointment.
Pamela B-R.
I had back surgery about a year ago. Before I came to physical therapy I could not stand up straight, and I was limping every time I walked. The pain in my arms made it difficult to perform any daily tasks. I also could not sit or stand for more then 20 minutes. Now I feel much better and I have improved thanks to the treatments and knowledge of the physical therapists. God bless them!
Myriam M.
I began having sharp pain in my right hand and my thumb. And, after a few weeks of agony, my PCP referred me to Dynamic Physical Therapy Services with a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. The knowledgeable staff of Dynamic Physical Therapy Services explained to me the issue of carpal tunnel syndrome and the possibility of neck involvement. After a month of treatment for my hand and my neck, my hand problem resolved and I am able to us my hand when I am shopping, cooking and being around my grandchildren. Thank you very much.
Maria R.
Before attending physical therapy, I had severe jaw pain. I could not move my neck left or right. It was painful to open my mouth fully and chew food. My shoulders were constantly hurting from the stiffness in my neck. I could not sleep. now, after 2 months of physical therapy I am able to sleep better, chew food and open my mouth without pain. I am able to move neck with no limitations. Thanks to the dedicated staff of Dynamic Physical Therapy Services.
Ana Marie G.